Light HDF5 Library

Light HDF5 Library


Light implementation for common routines to access hdf5 files. Interface uses same representation of complex numbers as in h5py.

Basic usage

green-h5pp is a C++ library that provides basic routines to operate with HDF5 data. It uses operator << and operator >> to write and read data. It will automatically create dataset and all the whole tree of parent groups this dataset belongs to.

To add this library into your project, first


        GIT_TAG origin/main # or a later release

Add predefined alias GREEN::H5PP it to your target:

target_link_libraries(<target> PUBLIC GREEN::H5PP)

And then simply include the following header:

#include <green/h5pp/archive.h>

Here is a small example of some possible operations:

using namespace green::h5pp;

// Open file for write (file will be purged if previously available)
archive ar("filename", "w")

// Create group 'test' and dataset 'data' and write scalar into it
ar["test/data"] << 10.0;

// If datatype has method 'shape()' it will be considered as multidimensional data.
// If datatype has method 'size()' it will be cosidered as a one-dimensional data.

// Here we create vector with 100 elements and write it into dataset 'vector'
std::vector<double> vector(100);
ar["test/vector"] << vector;

// For std::complex types it will create a composite type for <real, imag> pairs

std::complex<double> complex;
ar["test/complex"] << complex;